Mirrorscape Effigy 1

powder coated aluminum, steel, electronics, plaster, sand, plastic botanicals, vinyl
64 x 48 x 30 inches; 163 x 122 x 76 cm  

Visit Mirrorscape 2016: A Land Reflected

backlit tension display, aluminum frame, LED light system
40 x 87 x 6 inches; 100 x 220 x 16 cm  

On the path to Mirrorscape (A Place Like This)

backlit tension fabric display, aluminum frames, two part LED system
two parts: 59 x 394 x 6 1/2 inches overall; 150 x 1000 x 16 cm overall  


A Place Like This

Timur Si-Qin
March 13th – May 8th 2016
306 Windward Avenue
SFAQ and LA Weekly

Team (bungalow) is pleased to present A Place Like This, a solo exhibition by artist Timur Si-Qin. The show will run from 13 March to 08 May 2016. Team (bungalow) is located at 306 Windward Avenue in Venice, CA.

In this exhibition, Si-Qin imagines a future materialist-spiritual institution called New PeaceNew Peace is an update to the artist’s PEACE brand, a recurrent image in his work. Si-Qin envisages the brand as a topological sculpture, capable of being expressed in varying forms and inheriting different meanings over time.

The work speaks in the language of products and advertisement, not as a linguistic symbol of "capitalism" or economics in a general sense but rather inhabits this language because this language inhabits the world. Si-Qin’s mirroring of commercial imagery reiterates our anthropocenic relationships of feedback and reflection with ecology, environment, and media.

In this exhibition, New Peace takes form through the imagined-trappings of a cult that worships matter and believes that reality and its cosmic, biological, and cultural evolutions exist to create the greatest variation of form possible in the universe, and for matter to experience all variations of itself. This principle is summarized by the text found in the crest form of the logo, replicatio variationi servit, Latin for “replication serves variation.”

New Peace uses landscape as a virtual attractor to communicate a mystical state of being called MirrorscapeMirrorscape is a sub-brand, as well as a state of awareness of the causal, non-linear behaviors of matter. It is a spiritual destination where the fine-grained network effects and feedback dynamics of reality can be clearly perceived. In other words, the capacity to see existence "as it is." Mirrorscape does not represent a naive realism unaffected by interpretation, but rather an understanding of the interactive processes by which the world is constructed.

The sculpture at the center of the exhibition is a prototype effigy of Mirrorscape. The piece resembles a kind of protean machine, reminiscent of both a Natural History Museum display and a commercial product. At the rear of the sculpture is a television showing a live feed of itself, which is being recorded by a WebCam affixed to the base of the sculpture, and thereby forming a self-imaging feedback circuit: a landscape reflected in its own mediated image.

Timur Si-Qin lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include Recent Horizons, Société, Berlin; Biogenic Mineral, Magician Space, Beijing and Premier Machinic Funerary: Part II, Carl Kostyál, London. His institutional show, Basin of Attraction was held at Bonner Kunstverein in 2013.

This is Si-Qin’s first solo show in the US.

Team (bungalow) hours are Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6pm. For further information and/or photographs please contact Genevieve Ward at 310.339.1945.








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New Peace Pro Sign 1

aluminum, LED light system
30 x 46 x 6 inches; 762 x 117 x 15 cm  

Untitled (Mirrorscape Trail Blaze)

two sided tension fabric display, aluminum frame, LED light system, tree stump
dimensions variable: sign 17 x 14 x 5 inches; 50 x 35 x 12 cm