May 31st – June 18th 2017
306 Windward Avenue

From 31 May through 18 June, Team (Bungalow) will house works from our previous two LA exhibitions: Hypothetical Types of Biochemistry by Robert Janitz and Hollywood (Homosexual) Hopeful by McDermott & McGough. The gallery is located at 306 Windward Avenue in Venice, CA.

By Janitz, we will show new works belonging to the artist’s two distinct and highly recognizable ongoing bodies of paintings – both of which interrogate their medium, simultaneously exploiting and undermining the narrative impulse inherent in picture observation. The “brush paintings” feature a mixture of oil, cold-wax medium and flour, applied in wide swaths over still-visible underpaintings. The “reverse portraits” depict, in varyingly legible terms, the anonymous backsides of human heads. The artist, through the fastidious repetition of these two forms, has established an idiosyncratic visual language; his practice represents an unlikely confluence of Minimalist-esque rigidity and intuitive, expressionistic abandon. The self-reflexive paintings are generous and ambiguously figurative, allowing the viewer to dictate whether their semi-pictorial subject matter manifests or fades into painterly artifice.

By McDermott & McGough, we will present new paintings, which take as their subject the closeted homosexual man in Hollywood. In the past, as, to a somewhat lesser degree, today, it has been necessary for gay men to conceal their sexuality in order to succeed in the film industry – a fact the artists consider both absurd and tragic. The examples of closeted Hollywood men are countless, from celebrities like Rock Hudson, James Dean and Liberace, to lesser-known artisans – producers, directors, costume designers, makeup artists. With the works in this show, they pay tribute to the taste, style, and life of the Hollywood homosexual, acknowledging his historically hidden existence.

Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6pm. For further information and/or photographs please call 310.339.1945.

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Cigarette Smoked Tinged Breath
oil on canvas
14 x 18 inches; 36 x 46 cm
Furnishings, Works of Art and Other Status Symbols
oil on canvas
60 x 48 inches; 152 x 122 cm