Carol Bove

Solo Exhibitions
Group Exhibitions
  • Slater Bradley, Tam Ochiai, Ross Knight, Banks Violette, Cory Arcangel, Dawn Mellor, and Carol Bove
    March 11th – 15th 2004
  • Carol Bove, Steven Parrino, Banks Violette, Slater Bradley, and Tam Ochiai
    March 6th – 10th 2003
    Pier 90, Booth #9337
  • Carol Bove, Slater Bradley, Tam Ochiai, and Banks Violette
    December 4th – 8th 2002
  • Katherine Bernhardt, Carol Bove, Slater Bradley, Brice Dellsperger, Jack Featherly, Steven Parrino, and Guy Richards Smit
    May 31st – June 22nd 2002
  • Katherine Bernhardt, Carol Bove, Jack Featherly, Maria Friberg, Ross Knight, and Anna Sew Hoy
    July 1st – 27th 2001