ART | 40 | BASEL | Unlimited

June 8th – 14th 2009
83 Grand Street

Not Yet Titled (Light Spill)


florescent light fixtures, plexiglas, epoxy, polyurethane, aluminum, hardware

100 x 408 x 168 inches

presented in at Art Unlimited by Team Gallery and Gladstone Gallery

Violette’s scattered shards of structure and mangled pop references carry with them a similar de-centering of the attention they would appear to demand. The grids and cubes, soundstages and panels are, for all their invocation of the geo-generic structures of Sol LeWitt, the non-sites of Robert Smithson or vocal wailings of a generation of long-haired expressionists nothing more than the theatricalization of an attenuated absence, the description of a landscape from which those same properties have fled. What is felt rather than seen is the dissipative heat of those narrative architectures that once held content within a melody, a novel or a room.

Text by Neville Wakefield, taken from his essay for the catalogue published on the occasion of Banks Violette's concurrent shows at Team Gallery and Gladstone Gallery.



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